Axolift Manulift 200

Ditch the Ladder

This lightweight manual push around, vertical mast platform offers a safe, versatile, and user-friendly alternative to traditional scaffolding and ladders.

Easy to use – you just have to position the platform, hop on it and turn the handle to choose the height that best suits your job

Compact dimensions and low ground weight this convenient tool is not bulky and passes through standard doors. Equipped with a three-wheeled frame and a wheeled castor brake.  Very low maintenance, this little machine will go virtually anywhere and is easy to use for many jobs such as cleaning, painting and facilities maintenance and much more!

  • Manual push around
  • Zero emission and environmentally friendly
  • Hydraulic oil collector in case of leakage
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Hydraulically powered descent
  • Easy to operate when lowered and raised
  • Forkliftable
  • Saloon-door style entry gates.
  • Locking castor brake
  • Tilt alarm.
  • Emergency lowering at chassis controls.
  • Attachment point
  • Weighs only 273 kg
Max Working Height4.00 m
Max Platform Height2.00 m
Overall Width735 mm
Overall Length1180 mm
Stowed Height1670 mm
Platform Capacity SWL125 kg (1 person + tools)
Max. Force To Be Exerted On The Handle:<75dBa
Allowable Cant0° – Internal Use
Max Wind Speed0 km/h – Internal Use