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Emergency Breakdown Support

Should your machine breakdown, we are here to rescue you.
But before you call, check the list below for some easy fixes to look out for.

1.Battery Charge:

Check if the machine's battery is charged adequately.

2.Key Position:

Confirm that the key is in the correct position (usually the "on" position) to enable operation.

3.Emergency Stop Button:

Make sure the emergency stop button is not engaged or pressed.


Verify that all control switches and levers are in the correct position for safe operation.

5.Machine Manual:

Read machine manual. Machine manuals are in their own section under the specific brand name.


Check the Safe Working Load, ensure the machine is not overloaded and you are working within the manufacturers permitted guidelines.


Check around the machine for any leaks. Such as hydraulic fluid. If you spot or think you've a leak, call us right away. DO NOT move or operate machine.

8.Visual Inspection:

Conduct a visual inspection of the machine for any visible damage. If machine is damaged, call us. Do not attempt to move or operate.

9.Tilt and Level Sensors:

Check tilt and level sensors to ensure they are not indicating an unsafe operating condition.

10.External Factors:

Consider external factors such as weather conditions. Is it far too cold? Give machine time to warm up.

11. LOLEX Professional Assistance:

If the issue persists or if it involves anything technical components, seek assistance from us .

Keeping your machine safe and your operators safe is our top priority. 
If you need help then call us