Dinolift Articulated Trailer Mount


With its exceptional leveling capabilities, the DINO 210XTB II is well equipped for any task.

Well prepared for tasks on slopes or uneven terrain, thanks to standard outriggers.

With a max working height of 21m, max outreach of 19m and gradeability of 25%.

Whenever there is weight restrictions on the job, an articulated trailer is a good choice, with a lifting capacity of 215kg

The spacious basket, designed for easy entry, offers a 180° continuous rotation for seamless operation.

Additionally, this MEWP is equipped with high capacity batteries ensure a lasting and efficient performance throughout the day on the job.

dinolift 210xtii trailer mounted articulated boom lift
  • Spider outriggers; great levelling capability in slopy terrain
  • Driving system; easy to move at work site
  • Cable steering for driving
  • Hydraulic basket rotation 180°
  • Spacious, easy-entry basket, capacity 215 kg
  • Large outrigger pads 280 x 360 mm
  • Continuous rotation of the boom; easy and functional
  • Stable to tow
  • Easy and fast setup; perfect solution for short time jobs
  • Simple to use, clear and informative controls
  • Powerful charger; machine can be operated directly when charging batteries
  • High-capacity batteries, 4 x 6VDC, 235Ah. Work one day with overnight charge.
  • Automatic levelling
  • Two joystick controls
  • Outrigger support indicator
  • LED working lights
  • DINO SafeGuard secondary guarding
  • Extra outrigger pads 500 x 500 x 35 mm + bracket
  • Lockable tool / harness box
  • Rack for tools and accessories
  • Spare wheel
  • 2kW Honda generator + bracket for charging batteries where 230VAC is not available

Max Working Height

21.00 m

Max Platform Height

19.00 m

Max Working Outreach

11.70 m

Support Width

3.9 / 4.3 m

Lifting Capacity

215 kg

Basket Size

0.7 x 1.3 m

Boom Rotation


Basket Rotation


Boom Control


Transport Length

7.92 m

Transport Width

1.95 m

Transport Height

2.33 m


2610 kg

Drive System


AC socket in the basket x 2


Batteries 235 Ah


DC Motor