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Sinoboom Electric Scissor Lift

Sinoboom 2132E

The Sinoboom 2132E. Providing practical on-site solutions in confined spaces.

The enhanced scissor design ensures a more stable experience when working at heights. The platform accommodates two individuals with a combined weight of up to 230kg.

Operated entirely by electricity and powered by 4 x 6-volt maintenance-free AGM batteries, this scissor lift offers emission-free operation, quick charging, and an extended battery lifespan.

In high-duty-cycle applications, battery autonomy is of utmost importance. This machine features a highly efficient electric drive, significantly enhancing run-times—a valuable feature appreciated by contractors working extended shifts.

Sinoboom 2132e scissor lift
  • AGM maintenance free battery
  • Automatic braking system
  • Drive at full height
  • Proportional control
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Forklift pocket and lifting eyes
  • Bumper rail
  • Electrophoresic paint technology
  • 4×2 drive
  • Fault diagnosis system
  • Foldable guardrail
  • Non-marking tyres
  • Tilt protection
  • Overload sensing system
  • Integrated hand shield
  • Automatic pothole guard
  • Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls
  • Overhead anti-collision device
  • Headlight
  • RCBO
  • AC power to platform

Max Working Height

8.3m (27'3")

Max Platform Height

6.3m (20'8")

Max Horizontal Extension

0.9m (3')


2.46m (8')


0.83m (2'8.7")

Height - Stowed Rail Folded

1.84m (6')

Height - Stowed Rail Unfolded

2.24m (7'4")

Height - Stowed Fixed Rail



1.88m (6'2")

Ground Clearance (Pothole Guard Stowed)

0.1m (4")

Ground Clearance (Pothole Guard Deployed)

25mm (0.98")

Platform Dimensions(L×W×H)






Platform Allowable Occupants (Indoor/Outdoor)

2 persons/1 person

Platform capacity

380kg (838lbs)

Lift Extension Capacity


Drive Speed-Stowed

4km/h (2.5mph)

Drive Speed-Raised

4km/h (2.5mph)

Elevation Time(Unloaded)


Descent Time(Unloaded)




Turning Radius (Inside/Outside)

0/2.1m (0/6'10.7'')

Tilt Rating (Front to Back/Side to Side)



380×125mm (15×5")




24V, 220Ah (Lead acid battery)

Power Source

24V DC

Drive Mode

Motor, front-wheel

Charger Input

100~240V AC

Charger Output


Hydraulic System Capacity

15L (3.3 gal(UK)/4.0 gal (US))