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Sinoboom Electric Articulated Telescopic Boom Lifts

Sinoboom AB22EJ Plus

The Sinoboom AB22EJ PLUS.  Remarkable versatility in both indoor and outdoor environments.

With a maximum platform height of 21.6m, showcasing remarkable versatility in both indoor and outdoor environments. This equipment effortlessly navigates off-road terrains while maintaining near-silent operations indoors.

The load capacity increases to 340kg when outreach is limited to 11.9m, and further extends to a maximum of 450kg with the outreach restricted to 10.45m. Thus, the machine supports capacities of 450kg (restricted) and 230kg (unrestricted).

Sinoboom AB22EJ Plus articulated boom lift
  • Active oscillating function
  • 5-in display screen
  • 4WD × 2WS
  • Proportional control with 3 joysticks
  • Automotive-grade sleeves for all pipes
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Hydraulic platform leveling
  • Max tilt rating to 5°
  • Weighing system
  • Tilt protection system
  • Horn & buzzer
  • Emergency stop system
  • Flashing beacon
  • Footswitch
  • Fault diagnosis system
  • Foam-filled non-marking tires
  • 2.44 m (8') platform
  • Manual storage box
  • AC power to platform
  • Solid tires
  • 1.45m (4'9") platform
  • 1.83 m (6') work platform
  • 1.83 m (8')/2.44 m (8') platform with swinging gate
  • Platform work light
  • Secondary guarding device
  • Overhead anti-collision device
  • Glazier kit (for platform with swinging gate)
  • Telematics-ready connector
  • Half mesh (for platform with swinging gate)
Working height23.6 m
Platform length2.44 m
Platform width0.91 m
Transport length7.73 m
Transport width2.49 m
Transport height2.95 m
Weight10900 kg
Net load230 kg
Max. Reach horizontal13.4 m
Max. climbing ability40%
Travel speed4.8 km/h
Turning radius outside5.55 m
Power sourceE
Rotation360 °
Model seriesAB