Sinoboom Vertical Mast Lift

Sinoboom VM04E

The Sinoboom VM04E. Designed for convenience and longevity.

Featuring a max indoor working height of 5.8m, the VM04E is designed for convenience and longevity. The electric drive maneuvering system not only ensures efficient and environmentally-friendly operation but also offers high efficiency in various applications.

Additionally,equipped with AGM maintenance-free batteries known for their high energy density and extended lifespan, providing reliable and sustainable power solutions

This lightweight boom is equipped with straightforward controls.

sinoboom VM04E vertical mast lift
  • 2WD×2WS
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Fault diagnosis system
  • Non-marking tires
  • Proportional control
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Emergency stop
  • Electrophoretic painting
  • Tilt protection system
  • Flashing beacon
  • Forklift pockets and lifting points
  • Overload sensing system
  • Drivable at full height
  • Automatic pothole protection
  • Manual storage box
  • Horn & buzzer
  • Bumper rails
  • Auto braking system
  • Telematics-ready connector
  • Cylinder mast system
  • Indoor use only
  • RCBO
  • AC power to platform
  • Platform work light
  • Secondary guarding device

Max Working Height (Indoor only)

5.8 m 

Max Platform Height (Indoor only)

3.8 m 


1.38 m 


0.78 m 


1.66 m 


1.06 m 

Ground Clearance (Pothole Guard Stowed)

0.068 m 

Ground Clearance (Pothole Guard Deployed)

0.015 m 

Platform Dimensions (L×W×H)

1.35 m×0.76 m×1.1 m

Platform Capacity

227 kg (500 lbs)

Platform Allowable Occupants (Indoor only)

2 Persons

Drive Speed (Stowed)

04 km/h (02.5 Mph)

Drive-Speed (Raised)

02 km/h (01.2 Mph)

Lift Time (Unloaded)

15~18 s

Lower Time (Unloaded)

12~17 s



Max Allowable Inclination (Front-To-Back/Side-To-Side)


Turning Radius (Inside/Outside)

0.14 m/1.34 m 

Tire Spec/Type

305×100 mm /Solid non-marking


2 WD×2 WS

Power Source (V/kW)

24V DC /2.2 kW

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

6L (1.3gal UK/1.6gal US)


24 V, 120Ah (Lead Acid AGM Battery)

Charger (Input/Output)

100~240 V AC/15 A


785 kg